The writing is going extremely well today.  I’ll have an update for you guys later, but someone is passing around a photo meme and I thought you guys would get a kick out of this.  I read about the photo meme while uh, working hard. 

Seriously, the webcam is in the laptop and that’s what I write on.  The desktop with the cool monitor screen behind me is merely a display while the desktop plays music–currently Lou Rhodes (Who rocks! )  This is me, still sick and newly banged because I shouldn’t be let anywhere near over-the-counter hair coloring products.  I’m surprised because this is healthier than I’ve looked all week– but then, I’m not moving.  Trust me, I cough like crazy when I do. And why am I smiling if I feel so rotten?

I’m also on the phone with Rachel Vincent  who called because she’s pulling double duty in my cheering section along with Heather Harper and Karen Mahoney.  So, this is me cracking up as Rachel talks to me in between ordering food and yelling at pedestrians in the way of her vehicle.  

The instructions.  Snap a photo right now.  No changing, no adding makeup and no doctoring the photo.  My webcam kind of sucks, but here ya go.