Pay Attention to Those Instincts

What a great writing day.  My word count didn’t go up a lot and in fact, I haven’t tallied it yet.  I plan to hit the laptop again later.

No, what I did do was go back with my main character’s new and improved personality and rework some scenes.  I was right.  Fighting that urge was bad.  Giving in to it was good.

And, as I thought, it opened up the rest of the story.  I know of two scenes I’ll have to cut but I instinctively knew they weren’t working anyway.  However, I have replacements in mind and I also know how to flesh out another that was just a bit off–one of those scenes that FELT like it could be more.  Make sense?  

I wish I could stay in this office and continue working on this while it burns so brightly in my mind.  But, the youngest needs help studying  and he could use a little extra “mom” time this afternoon.  So could my daughter who has the cold that won’t leave this house.   Plus, I need a break from the office.  Have a noisy bird right outside the window–one that didn’t scare when I yanked up the heavy and loud wooden blinds in here…

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