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Spine Stories

Boing Boing shared a site I found very, very amusing today.  Nina Katchadourian  These are seriously fun–love the shark one. 

She makes stories out of the titles on book spines.  Does a much better job.  These are images I’d put on my walls.

But, I thought I’d do one for fun.  As we’ve long established on this blog, I’m no photographer.  I also have a dirty mind.  <wg>

Read the titles in order to get the story.

Little trouble getting Pelland’s book title to show up and there’s a glare or two, so here they are in order. 

Fool Moon   ( Jim Butcher)
Happy Hour of the Damned  (Mark Henry)
The Upright Man  (Michael Marshall)
Hammered  (Elizabeth Bear)
A Hunger Like No Other  (Kresley Cole)
Who Do You Love  (Jean Thompson)
Women and Other Animals  (Bonnie Jo Campbell)
Monsters (John Michael Greer)
Don’t Think of an Elephant! (George Lakoff)
Dangerous Liaisons  ( Maggie Price)
Fusion   (The Missouri Review)
Firestorm   (Rachel Caine)
What Fire Cannot Burn   (John Ridley)
Critical Condition   (Peter Clement)
Unwelcome Bodies   (Jennifer Pelland) 
Bio Rescue   (S. L. Viehl)


  1. September 26, 2008    

    The shark one was great! Too much fun, so I did one, too. 😉

  2. September 26, 2008    

    Yours is provocative.

    I was a little too ambitious. I actually removed three books right before the picture. 😉

  3. September 26, 2008    

    Was trying to go longer, but a lot of mine did not work well together.

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