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Telemarketers, Credit Cards and Snark

Yesterday was not my day.  Not only did I spend too much time glued to news channels, but a salesman came to my door since the hubby pulled down my “no soliciting” sign.  I told the man I wasn’t interested and he came back with another man! 

Not only do I really dislike opening my door to a stream of unbreakable words, I don’t like answering the phone to it either.  I was polite to the man at my door even though I’d already dealt with several other sales calls.

For some reason, telemarketing numbers are no longer showing up on my Caller ID.  I’m getting a blank screen.  This wouldn’t be a big deal because the broken ring lets me know it’s a sales call.  I normally just ignore it. 

However, when my agent calls, the ring is broken. 

I’ve never answered so many telemarketer calls in my life!  

Three yesterday.  THREE!  And I was outside on the third one.  I nearly broke my ankle getting to the phone for a credit card company.  Grr.

IMO, a bank should protect their customers with automatic ID theft protection.  They keep calling, trying to sell me insurance for it.  They actually asked how I plan to take care of this on my own should it happen.   I said they should automatically cover me.  The lady on the phone had no answer for that.  Apparently, my business means little to them.   

Which is good since they lost it.

I did manage to get around five hundred words in all this.  <g>  (Had to pick a sick child up from school, too.)

I expect I’ll be escaping into my fiction a lot in the coming weeks.  I’ve been overdosing on dishonest political rhetoric and media squabbles–time to take a break, eh? 😉


  1. September 30, 2008    

    I’ve been stressing out sooo much over the election and the economy. But I just realized that there is no way in heck that my vote will matter (regardless of who I vote for) because McCain will take my state.

    No more worries for me. And I was all feeling important about myself because Walmart moms are the ones who have the power this election. But what they forgot to add was that only Walmart moms in swing states have the power. And I’m no swinger. 😉

  2. September 30, 2008    

    I’ve been feeling exactly that, Heather. I will vote, knowing my vote will be lost in a sea of red here. Wonder if I’ll get a lady like four years ago. She took my vote, glanced at it and refused to give me an “I voted” sticker.

    I’m so tired of the hostility.

  3. September 30, 2008    

    I got the same when I registered Republican in Massachusetts. It’s ridiculous.

    But now I’m dem, until I move anyway. I prefer to be registered as an Indie.

  4. September 30, 2008    

    This ugly bigotry is trickling into the schools. I’ve been sick to my stomach since my son shared some school conversations Saturday. And I’ve heard horrifying remarks lately.

    Land of the Free my ass.

  5. Maria Maria
    October 1, 2008    

    Register your phone with the national do not call site. It works.

  6. October 1, 2008    

    Hi Maria! Hope all is well!

    I have registered. It stopped some calls, but I think it doesn’t matter when it’s a card company I use. Or local political callers.

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