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Testing a Soundtrack & Writing Update


Beautiful Mine by The Butterfly Effect.  I LOVE THIS BAND.  This song stays no matter what.

The rest of the soundtrack is in testing.  That means songs will come and go until I have the final choices ready for rewrites.  I needed some moody, harder, edgy songs because I noticed my roughdraft is too soft. Ick.  I’ll tweak this heavily.

Currently testing:

Beautiful Mine/The Butterfly Effect
Judith/ A Perfect Circle
The Diary of Jane/Breaking Benjamin
Love Song/Korn (Will probably lose this one.  Makes me sing.  It’s NOT pretty.)
Everyday is Exactly the Same/Nine Inch Nails
Filing Silence/The Butterfly Effect
Underneath it All/Pillar
Red Sky/Thrice
Stupid Girl/Cold
Save Me/Shine Down
Sunspots/Nine Inch Nails
Without Wings/The Butterfly Effect
Getting Away with Murder/Papa Roach
All of this Past/Sarah Brettens
Rev 22:20/ Puscifer
This Night/Black Lab
Consequence/The Butterfly Effect
Miss You/Trentemoller (for the softer scenes)
Stare at the Sun/Thrice
System/Chester Bennington
Miss You/Trentemoller
Last Resort/Papa Roach

Typed this up during a lunch break. Did 1800 words before the food. Hope to double that before I go to my son’s football game this evening. Off to work!


EDIT:  Sorry about the formatting–it’s all wonky and I’m in a hurry here. <g>

Anyway, I had to dump part of a scene.  Did about 3000 new words today, but with the dump, I ended the day with 1719 words. 

For the record, I’ve decided I won’t have a full first draft by next week.  And I’m happy with that decision.  

I’m getting exactly what I needed out of this.  A distraction from the worries of Dweller Land and a good, solid base for another project–a working outline for the most part.  Well, a scene heavy working outline.  <g> 

I’m still aiming high, hoping I’ll have around 50,000 words, but I’ve also reached a point in the writing where I’m fighting the need to go back and fill in some of the sketched scenes. Sometimes, our creative process is trying to tell us something.  

Now, with that said, I don’t think rewriting the first three chapters to death is a good thing either.  I’m a little less than halfway into my word count, but I’m somewhere around chapter fourteen.  Like I said, I’ve sketched scenes that needed a bit more research.  Thing is, there will be crucial, emotional aspects to those scenes that will heavily affect the last scenes.  So, I may decide to go back a bit. 

It will still add a word count anyway. 😉 

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,302 / 60,000

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