The Downhill Slide

I went downhill after that pic.  In fact, I had a two hour window where I felt kind of okay, then demons crawled back into my sinus passages. 

In that two hours, I did 1336 words.  Pretty good ones. Then I got distracted by the business side of this crazy career and didn’t get further. 

However, no one believes I’m sick.  I even got emails!  Meanies.  Seriously, this cold is awful. And it followed its normal routine by growing worse around three in the afternoon.  As of now, it’s almost eight and I may just go to bed. Is it ever gonna leave???? 

So, despite the fact potential editors could be checking out this blog and despite the fact, I really, really shouldn’t share, here is me a few hours after the pic in the last post.  If you don’t believe me, ask Rachel. I emailed this to her… along with Heather’s kind of taunting comment–also in the last post. <wg>

Yeah, I’m on the floor.  So? 

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  1. I’ve been putting a Vicks stick up my nose for weeks. Been getting stares from parents as I snort it in the pick up lane at school.

    P.S. I think this should be your author photo. 😉

  2. Sure! According to the LJ people, this one is unforgettable.

    Okay, a new friend on Facebook just suggested a salt nasal wash. I must blog the website. OUCH!!!!

  3. Strugglingwriter, you had this with a little one. And she had it–oh man. That is so hard when they don’t understand why they feel so bad. I’m glad you guys are better.

    Barrie, most of the time I have a good, solid two hours somewhere in my writing day where the bulk of the words get done. I usually have a couple of hours of trying to figure out the next part, or why the last part didn’t work so well. 😉

    Heather, I don’t think Zyrtec works on colds, does it? It barely works on my highly allergic son. We’re starting to think the cat is making him so ill even though the testing said it was a small allergy to the cat.

  4. Most of my colds start out allergy related. If I can use Zyrtec (or for you, any antihistime you choose) I can normally stave off having to go one antibiotics. Not always, but it helps. But they last longer, even though they are slightly less annoying than a full blown infection.

  5. And by “they last longer”, I’m referring to the cold.

    And odd about your son. Maybe he needs shots? I required the shots when I was kid. Was highly allergic to pets, but I could not live without them. Zyrtec works fine for most of my allergies. But it does knock me on my butt.

  6. My son is allergic to Oklahoma. Every mold out there, quite a few trees, grass and I think the cat allergy is worse because he sounds awful in the mornings and yesterday, he told me that he gets better once he’s at school. He plays football and the grass makes him sick and covered in hives. It’s awful.

    I might need to wrap his bedding again. It could be dust in the bed, etc. We stopped because he didn’t like the feel of the mattress and pillow covers, but his allergy specialist wants him on the shots and he simply refuses–the wraps would be better. I’ll have to bribe him this weekend. 😉

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