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Vampire Gerbil

Another Monday.  Several of you know why there’s a sigh in those two words. 😉
I’m ready for this week.  Since I didn’t want to share my hovering cold with an expectant mother, I skipped a family baby shower and instead caught up my cleaning.  Gutted my son’s room which was scary and exhausting, but he’ll be able to keep up with it better now.  I also gathered all my research on this WIP and put it into a binder and tidied up my office so it’s primed for some solid writing time. 
It’s good that I’ll be sitting and writing.  My body is soooo complaining over the cleaning marathon.  I must have gone up and down stairs a hundred times and in addition to getting my house in order, the son and I had to catch and contain an escaped, bloodthirsty gerbil. 
Kisten and yes, he’s named for the vampire in Kim Harrison’s books, had apparently been transferred from cage to fish tank.  He got out once and my daughter, who was away most of the weekend, didn’t tell us. 
She just draped the fish tank with my favorite red, chenille throw. 
The son and I found the little, black monster perched atop the destroyed blanket, cleaning red fuzzies from his claws. And in true vampire fashion, the thing drew blood before we got him back in the tank and taped the crap out of that lid.  He’ll chew through it, but it’ll take awhile.
Saber, our cat, has been hovering in the upstairs hallway.  Now I know why.

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  1. September 29, 2008    

    Gotta watch those blood-thirsty vampire gerbils! Sounds like you’ve been really productive as far as housework goes. Now you can work on you WIP without the guilties.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend. 🙂


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