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Hectic Lately

This is my life–only I think this is a London Taxi.  🙂 But the pic fits in that life is going on crazily around me while I’m somewhere in my fictional world. 

I’ve been focused on my writing project and I really like it.  Sent the synopsis to Rachel this week and she really likes it, so now the true test.  It went to my agent.  I can’t wait to see if I’m too off the charts weird or what.  LOL!

Saw a neighbor today and she had to call my name loudly to get my attention.  I was in Walmart buying pumpkin stencils– and apparently in my own freaking LALA Land again…  Seriously, I was staring at the shelves while the mind was wandering through a fight scene.  Sheesh.  She casually mentioned she never sees me outside.  Seems my um, hermit tendencies when I’m writing make the neighbors think either I’ve moved or the hubby has done away with me.  Doubt I’ll change soon, but maybe getting out for a little sun on my face once in a little while wouldn’t hurt. 

So, I’m taking a short writing break for the celebration of my favorite time of year.  I’ll be back on the computer Saturday because the story is flowing so well, I don’t want to take too long to get back to it.

Got a Halloween carving gathering tonight and my big annual costume party tomorrow night, so I doubt I’ll have a lot of posting time.   Maybe, I’ll post some pics again this year.  😉 

And oh, just AWFUL news floating around the Net today.  David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who.  That.  Just.  Bites!

Edit:  I want to send a shout out to my friend, Donnell!  She hasn’t been feeling well and my thoughts are with her a lot. 😉

This is us a couple of years ago.  OKRWA was throwing her a hat party and we all had to wear pink.  My sense of humor has always been a little off.  I brought her this thing instead.   LOL! Not many people can get me into pink.  Donnell can. 🙂

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