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For those of you with kids, do yours seem to know the exact second you’re getting a snack? I swear, I had barely opened the cabinet that holds the junk food today when I heard my son’s feet hit the stairs.  He was all the way upstairs!  The cabinet doesn’t even creak!

So, I not only had to deal with the guilt of me going for the Halloween candy, but then I had to share the goods. 


Even though I’ve found it hard to concentrate with the kiddos home and I had to help the hubby out with a side business Saturday, I’ve managed to freshen up nearly ten thousand words the last couple of days.  Quite a bit of those are new because I decided to go ahead and get a proposal ready on the current WIP, so I’m polishing early.  Doesn’t hurt to be prepared, I say.

Thanks for all the compliments on the new author photos!!  Both this blog and my LJ were hopping with comments and you all made me feel great.  I hesitated to post so many pictures because, well… it felt just a little vain. <g>   But I’m so proud of the work my friend did on them, I had to share.  I’m picky about pictures, so I’m thrilled this was a success.   Believe me, this is a rare thing.  My family teases me horribly about this.  In fact, last year, I got a gag gift called The Many Faces of Rinda.  It was a box and inside were years of hideous pictures of me.  😉


  1. bella bella
    October 21, 2008    

    those pics are fantastic!!! I am a mommy of 4 year old twin boys, so no matter what im looking at in the kitchen (healthy or junk) they not only know im there, they want whatever i have. lol. i so understand 🙂

  2. October 21, 2008    

    Yeah, his head pops up no matter what I’m doing in the kitchen. heh heh

  3. November 19, 2008    

    hello i see you blog very nice and i think you feture better post

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