Election Nerves=Book Spree!

I voted.  Only saw one long line and so I settled in with my book.  Then I heard a lady ahead of me wish her name started with a letter before K.  When I asked why, she pointed to the line I should have been in.  It had TWO people.  So, I got in and out fast this morning.  My little, blue vote won’t sway my state–but I still have a voice and that feels wonderful!

So, what do I do when I’m suffering from election nerves?  Apparently, I buy books.  I didn’t buy my normal amount of books this year.  Sad, I know, but remember, my job went away.  However, in the last month, I think my election nerves helped me make up for it.  Here is a list of books I’ve recently purchased.  Now… I’m going to have to be good.  At least a little while. 😉

So, first, two research books about Vikings and Norse Mythology.

Norse Mythology, A guide to the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs by John Lindow

The Vikings by Jonathan Clements

Then, I went crazy on fiction. 


Jenna Black’s The Devil Inside (Fellow Miriam client and all around nice lady–we share a lot in common when it comes to tenacity in this biz. )


Anne Frasier’s Pale Immortal ( I linked to her site instead of Amazon because this was the only one I had to order from an outside party through Amazon!  But I wanted to start in the beginning and I’ve already devoured it.  In fact, I loved it so much, I will be ordering the rest of the series! And her other books as well. )


Malena Lott’s Dating da Vinci (This one sounds so good! Going to Malena’s ladies night out bash this week!)


Colleen Gleason’s The Rest Falls Away (I’ve come to really like this author on Twitter, so I’m looking forward to this book–the reviews on this and later books in the series are fantastic!)


Devon Monk’s Magic to the Bone (TODAY IS DEVON’S RELEASE DAY!!!!!  Fellow Miriam client and I AM SO EXCITED about this one–fun to see my critique partner’s name in the quote on the cover, too!  Rachel raved about this book, so get yourself a copy this week!)


Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace (I’ve wanted this forever–can’t believe I’m just now buying.)


Cherie Priest’s Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Currently reading this one–wonderful, lush, southern Gothic setting.  Feels like I’m there!)


Neal Asher’s Gridlinked (I know nothing about this author–the book just sounded cool.)

I also bought a couple of books from Apex Book Company .


Matt Wallace’s The Next Fix  (Loved something I read in the description. “If you like a chaser of tech with your horror, humor with your darkness, and beauty with your grit, The Next Fix is your next high.”)


Gratia Placenti For the Sake of Pleasing Edited by Jason Sizemore and Gill Ainsworth (Collection of short fiction by great authors!)

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  1. Okay so both places I went to vote (ahem–wrong place first–but dude the churches were right next door to each other, I just saw the Vote Here thing and pulled in) had no lines for the A-L peeps. What gives? The place I thought was my voting place only had 3 people ahead of me–wah. The place I really need to be had a longish line and I only had a few minutes, so will try again in a bit. But I do find it odd that they don’t have that more equally handled. Lucky Miss Elliot!!!

  2. Oh man, do you have to go to work? We should have a national holiday so people can have the whole day free.

    This morning, my long line was the L-Z section and that was the short one where Rachel voted.

  3. Voted without too much of a wait. New books, I have the “Penelopiad” Margaret Atwood, “Backup” Jim Butcher, “Booked” Larry McMurtry, and I’m reading “Marked” hope to read more of those. Trouble is, behind on writing. EP is formatting our books for Print with Book Surge and they will be on Amazon supposedly in Jan. Can’t wait. Carol

  4. Carol, I need to start over in the Jim Butcher series. I stupidly loaned out two of them, then lost my place. So, I’m just starting over.

    Hi Colleen! I don’t often go for historicals, but after Jackie Kessler’s review and well, getting to know you on Twitter, I had to dive in. I’m excited!

  5. A book spree! I would go totally apeshit if I had a $100 to spend. Because I would blow it all at a bookstore. All at once. I would FIND something to read, believe you me. And yes, we definitely should have a National holiday where people can stay home and read all day. Preferably on the coldest day of the year so we can hang out in snugly pj’s and drink hot chocolate!

    Voted as well and didn’t have to worrry about a big line. And I went after work!

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