Happy Holidays from The Deadline Dames!

I’ve had to keep quiet about this for months!!  You will have to visit my  Livejournal  to see the very hilarious videos because WordPress will not let me post flash videos here. 

But here is the news!

In January, I’ll be a part of a new website called The Deadline Dames, a group of urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors who kick deadline butt! (They seem to believe I’ll be joining the ranks of heavy deadline fun and I can’t wait!! <g>)

Since there are nine of us, Toni Andrews had to mix up two videos.  The only author not present in the videos is Lilith Saintcrow…She’s getting a new head shot and as it was, we gave Toni quite the time trying to find the right head shots that would work.  You know,  I’m thinking we could have put in one of Lilith’s  cool book covers…

I was so honored to be invited into this and I’ll be sharing the links to the website and blog as soon as we go live in January!

The Deadline Dames are in alphabetical order: 

Toni Andrews
Keri Arthur
Jenna Black
Rinda Elliott
Jackie Kessler
Karen Mahoney
Devon Monk
Lilith Saintcrow
Rachel Vincent

0 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from The Deadline Dames!”

  1. “Deadline Dames?” Sounds like an excellent title for a murder mystery. Sounds like a lot of sore deadline rumps to me.

    Merry Xmas, and to a movie deal in 2009!!!! (I cn fantasize for you, can’t I?)

  2. A belated congrats on this, Rinda! Very exciting indeed. I loved the video — shades of Monty Python. Good times. Good times.

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