Too Much Fun

Man, I had a BLAST at the OKRWA Christmas Party.  Can you tell?   Lots of pics!! Sorry for the slow loading, but they’re worth it.  We simply had too much fun. 


Gena Showalter and Moi.  This is my favorite pic from the party because I look a little bad ass. <g>


Okay, yeah, us again.  There are actually A LOT of these. heh


The BEEUtiful Heather Harper who came up from Texas to party with us.


Terri Schaefer, who just plain rocks.


I can’t stop laughing at this one!!!  Me, Merline Lovelace, Christine Rimmer and at the bottom, Jill Monroe.  We were vewwwwy cruel to her… You’ll understand when Gena loads all her pics…


ROFL!  Jill Monroe and Gena Showalter!! Jill has major sultry eyes in this one, yes? Actually, I really like this picture.  They’re such good friends and you can really see it here. 😉


Taken with my Blackberry and I’m new at it!  Still, this is Malena Lott, who simply CAN’T take a bad picture.  See? Proof.  It’s blurry and was one of those surprise pics and she still looks stunning.


Crap.  Still new with the Blackberry.  This is the pile of books for Dirty Santa– which was brutal and hilarious.


Amanda McCabe and her fantastic tights!


I brought Cherie Priest’s Four and Twenty Blackbirds and it became a hot item for stealing.  We thought if we rubbed the books on the butt, no one would steal.  Here, Gena Showalter is helping Heather Harper um, keep her book.  It didn’t work–the book was stolen immediately.


Gena Showalter, Shelia Fields and Jill Monroe.


All the Oklahoma Outlaws who made it to the party this year.  Getting this picture was probably one of the funniest parts of the day.  Damn camera timers…

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  1. A lot of mine didn’t turn out either. But I was using the new phone and also didn’t realize there’s only so much space for pics.

    You got some great ones! I love the one with you laughing with Brooke the most!

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