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Food. Again.

Oh, the joys of being a mother when your children have stomach flu.  One of them was hit pretty badly.  But, in between handing out glasses of cold Ginger Ale and doing mountains of laundry… and um, other stuff I won’t share–cause I luv you guys— I managed to work. 

Insane, yes?

Got about 1500 words which is half what I had scheduled for today, but I also wrote up a new, better, first blog post for my introduction as a Dame next week.  So, I’m happy with the word count.  I’m all fired up for Friday’s full day slam of writing.  Okay, around dealing with one of the kiddos who will probably not make it back to school yet.

Oh, the Dame site went down a little while today, but only for those on Internet Explorer.  We’re working with a great design company and they got us going pretty quickly. 

So, make sure to comment on every post this week and next for chances to win.  Thursday was Keri Arthur’s turn and she’s giving away ARCs of the next Riley book (OMG!!!) along with something called Timtams.  Keri has assured me that she will get me addicted as she has some of the other dames.  I can’t wait.  They sound right up my alley. 

And since this post will have a Friday date, technically today is Lilith Saintcrow’s  turn to post.  I’m looking forward to hearing what she plans to give away and her writing posts always rock. 

So keep hanging with the Dames.  😉


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