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Karen Today-Me Wednesday!

Yes, my introduction as a Deadline Dame is Wednesday and I’m excited and nervous and well, all around loving how well our launch has gone.  Today, Karen Mahoney is giving away the third in Melissa Marr’s YA fey series–a book not out for a few months, so I’d run over there and comment if I were you.  And if you haven’t read the first, Wicked Lovely, you’re missing out. 

In writing news, my ‘slam to the finish’ week has been slowed a bit due to ice storms and extra kiddos hanging around. It’s very dangerous outside.  My teenager had a hard time getting home yesterday–the car she was in slid off the road more than once.  My son’s bus ended up in a ditch.  Even my family had trouble, one had a pretty bad accident in his own driveway.  Once these vehicles lose traction, it’s impossible to stop them!   

So, schools are closed and we’re hunkering inside near the fireplace.  Well, the kids are.  I’m in my office trying to figure out how to keep my typing fingers warm.  I’d write out there, but they’re flipping through EVERY MUSIC CHANNEL KNOWN TO MAN and I couldn’t concentrate.  (As it is, one of the girls just ran in here to tell me Jared Leto was on. Again.  Since he’s my age, you’d think they were telling this for me–uh no, they are big Leto fans. And did I mention I kept the driving teenager here yesterday? ) 

So between one loud, half-song after another and my chilled fingers, I’m fighting to focus today.  Thing is, I’m driven enough to work through.  I want this book done and in my very capable agent’s hands so I have another excuse for my recent obsessive behavior.

And to get that reference–you’ll have to see my post Wednesday at the Dames on The Waiting Writer in Her Natural Habitat. 😉


  1. January 28, 2009    

    I think Jared Leto’s fanbase consistently stays between 12 and 16. Once you pass that threshold, your crushes move onto more interesting men.

  2. January 28, 2009    

    LOL! I think he can be interesting and he has pretty eyes. Though any crushing I do usually sticks on men not considered conventionally handsome. Strength of character and a wicked sense of humor usually get me more.

  3. Jen Jen
    January 28, 2009    

    Jared Leto is pretty, but Johnny Depp has been my crush of the last 10 years or so even though he’s significantly older than I am. 18 years older!

    Looking forward to your Dames post. I have a feeling I will understand it all too well now that my MS is back into my agent’s hands, and I’m waiting to see if we have another round of revisions or if it is submission time. Eep!

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