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Mom/Writer/Wife Guilt

Kids. Home. From. School. Again.

I just might have to lock myself in my room to get real work done.  Snow days from school are holidays to them, so there is a lot of excited energy and “Mom, can I” stuff since they are also stuck in here with me.

Thing is, this is one of those times the writing mother is torn.  I want to play with them.  Want to make hot chocolate for the little one when he comes in from sledding, his cheeks bright red, eyes sparkling.  I want to curl up with my teenager and watch chick flicks in front of the fireplace.

But I’m also aware that the hubby is out there in the cold, without a choice so it’s  not really fair that we get to spend the week playing.  

Plus, I want this draft done is such a bad way. 

So, yes, I’m suffering mom/writer/wife guilt today.  What do I do to take care of this?


Split the day into sections.  I’ll be going into the office for a good three, hopefully four hours and this evening I’ll spend with them.  Or my youngest since the roads aren’t that bad and the boy my daughter is dating will show up… 

And…since I’m pretty boring here today, why don’t you check out Dame Toni’s post about critique partners at The Deadline Dames!  And don’t forget to comment to win on any of this week’s post!  We’re coming to a close on our party launch week, but still have a lot of fun stuff planned for our website, so I hope you all become regular visitors. 😉

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