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This is my brain on clutter. <g>

Admission time.  I’ve been under too much self-inflicted pressure.  Actually, for a couple of weeks now. This weekend, I was reminded that a break is a necessary part of the process.  I know this.  Know how important it is to stop and take a breather–but sometimes, it takes outside reminders.  Damn, I’m hard-headed.

Ever reach the point where you’ve forced it enough and the words just stop? 

It was like I was racing forward, forward, forward and slammed head on into a huge stone wall.  By Friday, I was dizzy and dazed from the impact and could not get my brain to function.  Yet, I sat there in front of my laptop– frustrated, anxious and upset.   (I’d like to thank both Rachel Vincent  and Terri Schaefer  for their timely phone calls–as always, my support system rocks.)

And my husband.  Man, I’m nuts about this man.  He recognized the signs and took me out of the house and away from my computer Saturday.  We had to work part of the day-which is why I missed yet another OKRWA meeting–but we also took a little bit of time for ourselves.  We’ve been under a lot of stress lately, so the break was good.  

And then yesterday, I cleaned my office.  I’m not the type who can sit in utter chaos and function and my office had become the catch-all for the entire house. 

You see, that big, stone wall comes from lots of things, but mainly it’s there to remind you that it’s important to enjoy life once in a while.  That you need to stop, go through the piles of mail, clean your house, play with your kids.   Things get behind.  I forgot all about a niece’s birthday party–made it at the last minute, thank goodness.    Basically, I’d let everything build up into one  massive brain cluster f**k.   LOL!

Dummy me didn’t get that it was time to stop, take a deep, cleansing breath and catch up.  Thankfully, I have loved ones who came forward to conk me on the head and now, I’m all caught up and ready to go again. 

This business is about staying on pace, taking the hurdles as they come–but sometimes, you stumble.  Best thing to do is pick yourself up, slow down for a little while, then face those next hurdles well rested and uncluttered. 😉

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  1. February 24, 2009    

    Slow down and take a breath. Hmmm…if we do that, doesn’t it pile up further? Just kidding. I needed to read what you wrote in your blog today. Thanks for being so honest with everyone.


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