It’s Inside, Baby!

The story I am writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air.  All I must do is find it, and copy it.  ~Jules Renard, “Diary,” February 1895

I used to believe this.  Now, I know it’s not somewhere out there, in the air or cosmos.  No, it’s here.


In the firing neurons of your thoughts, your dreams.  Yes, the triggers are out there, but the actual story is inside, baby.  It’s inside.   The trick is learning to tap into it and to quiet all the stories mapping  trails around it.  Focus on them one at a time and though you may not find absolute perfect fashion, you’ll come damn close.

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  1. Last night I dreamed that agent Nathan Bransford was my college prof and that I had to write a research paper that was due in no less than three days or I would fail his class.

    I know that didn’t come from the air. I think it came from spicy food.

  2. One of my co-workers, who has no concept of the writing world, was able to help me get thru my second round of revisions (see my most recent post). I can’t tell you how many times she’s asked me something about the book, I’ll tell her and she’ll be like “But I don’t see it HERE. You need to get it out of your head and on paper.” She’s my new reader. LOL.

  3. Smartest words I have heard you say in a while. I do believe that is true.

    If you want to go to science, and string theory, and how they say all universes with all possibles are happening at the same time, just on a frequency and a level that our consciousness, tuned in to THIS freq1uency, can’t quite see…that means you are right, my dear.

    There is a universe out there–a very REAL one–where Rinda Elliott, Author, has produced that perfect book that is, as you say, already written and out there waiting, and all you have to do is turn IN TO THAT FREQUENCY. See it. Put yourself there and accept nothing else as reality. Because we DO make our own reality, sister. Yep.

    Sorry, been watching the science channel lately. 😉 LOL

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