My New Dames Post, Sara Saint John and Carol Shenold

I’m posting at The Deadline Dames  site today.  Come visit and tell me the word you’d like used to describe your writing!


Also wanted to share that some friends of mine have ebooks that have gone into print!  Sara forwarded an excerpt to share. 😉

Trust the Night
by Sara Saint John
Save 20% at

Bullets won’t stop this killer. It will take a vampire.


Rain cloaks the streets. He moves silently, ignoring the water running in a steady stream from the brim of his fedora. Cold moisture slaps his face, but he takes no notice.

There has been another slaughter.

His vision alters, as if a red filter has crept across the lens of his eyes. Coveted memory shimmers then takes on scarlet-tinged reality. He sees the nameless woman sprawled on the ground, her blood drained from her body, nothing but a pale, empty corpse.

The wind beats at him, carrying the sudden, sweet scent of fear. His mouth waters. Hunger stirs. Harsh laughter breaks from his throat, a sound to make any sane man run for his life. It’s madness to tempt himself like this.

But what is madness compared to the abject horror of reality? To a vampire, madness is a relative thing.


And Carol Shenold has three!  These are paranormal, cozy mysteries featuring Tali Cates.


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