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Oh Yeah, Tonight is the NIGHT!

Yesterday, I far surpassed my writing goal of editing two chapters.  I ended up editing three and writing a new 1000 word scene that I stopped right in the middle of–so I can pick up the momentum this morning.  It’s now 9 a.m. and I’m beginning another long haul day.  I have to get this book done.  I’ve already got another burning in the side portions of my brain and the urge to finally get my career going is more than I can resist. 

And… I hope so much to get the chance to write book two in my Beri O’Dell series.  I’ve been dreaming about her lately.  You’d think that would be creepy, or that she’d be pissed at me for waiting on the sale of the first book.  No, surprisingly enough, she’s being patient.  In fact, I think she’s secretly hoping for the sake of my sanity at this point. <g>

However, despite all the writing success this week, it has NOT been a good week.  The tornadoes did horrible damage to my town.  It’s just awful.  My husband is addicted to the news–IT’S ALL BAD NEWS.  Natural disasters, plain crashes, and the economy that is hitting us so very hard. 

I woke up stressed and said to hell with it.  I took some time for myself this morning.  My muscles are sore because I’ve been taking my frustration out on the treadmill and well, I have to admit something.  I simply cannot resist the tempation of having Mercy in my house.  I took a long bath this morning and read some more of Bone Crossed.   


Yeah right.  I don’t have the power to resist Mercy.  I don’t. 

But I feel better, I’m ready to blow past my goal of finishing the scene, writing another and editing two more chapters. And, I’m also a little more giddy now because I remembered something REALLY important!

Joss is BACK!!!!!!  So many of us have been waiting for a new series and it’s tonight!  Tonight!!!!



  1. February 13, 2009    

    Doll house looks good! I can’t wait.

    I just finished Bone Crossed. It is wonderful. Patricia Briggs gives Mercy the relationship all women dream of. *sigh*


  2. February 13, 2009    

    Hope you met all of your writing goals today and that you enjoyed DH.

    Dollhouse and/or Dear Husband 😉

    And I am so sick of the news. So, so very weary of the negativity.

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