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Tornado Info

People are checking in, so I’m posting that I’m fine. My family is fine. Tornadoes did damage in my area, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t get much.  We don’t have power, but my husband hooked up a generator, so we have power in a few places in the house.  My youngest and I spent a lot of time huddled in a closet and the tornadoes passed pretty close–close enough to hear them.  Yes, it was scary–always is.  He’s been half in my lap since. 🙂

The neighborhoods near me didn’t hold up as well and the Red Cross and a few shelters have set up nearby.  I dread seeing what’s happened to my neighbors’  homes tomorrow.

By far, the noisiest part was the hail storm.  We had a short lull between storms and I ran out to take a couple of pictures with my cell phone. (Not when the hail was coming down!)


Through a window when it first started. That table was covered in seconds.


Hail in part of the flower beds.  The side yard had started flooding.


Forgive the camera phone pics–I’m not that good with it yet. Here are some of the pieces after they started to melt.


Sky shot after tornadoes.  It was very sunny and seventy degrees earlier in the day.  I was working in my kitchen and it was like someone had suddenly tossed a shroud over the house.


LOL!  This is another part of the flower beds.  Obviously, the storm had started back up by this point, so I took this in a hurry, in the rain, before scuttling back inside.


Lone corner that is NEVER without leaves since it’s in the perfect “catch” spot.  Such small things to make so much noise.  We have two stories and the house is very well insulated, so we can’t hear rain in our family room unless it’s pretty intense.  My son and I were in a closet under the stairs and still the noise was unbelievable–it sounded like every window would break.

But we’re perfectly fine.  Natural disasters happen and this is nothing like what our Australian friends are facing with those fires.


  1. Jen Jen
    February 11, 2009    

    Glad you’re okay!

  2. February 11, 2009    

    Thanks. I feel so bad for the people in the neighborhoods near me. I haven’t gone out to look at my car yet either. The hubby had a ping pong table set up in the garage where my car usually goes. You would have been highly amused by my son and I as we tried to get that table folded up in time. The sirens went off and we gave up to hide in a closet.

  3. February 11, 2009    

    I’ve been thinking about you and glad you didn’t get major damage. I got caught in the car during hail and thought I would go deaf or lose a windsheild,Didn’t. No damage. Got safely home. Don’t you love OK.

  4. Christy Christy
    February 11, 2009    

    REALLY glad you are all okay. Was worried about you.

  5. Christy Christy
    February 11, 2009    

    Did you know your times are “messed up”? I posted my comment at 8:26 AM on Wed 2-11.

  6. February 11, 2009    

    So glad you were fine–saw the damage to those houses near you and just wanted to vomit. I hate tornados.

    I was at work when it happened–came fairly close to us there–hit the Chucky Cheese. I joked with this guy at work that his Valentine’s plans would need to be changed now, ha. But seriously I was right there at the Target that got some damga an hour before. My house got a little bit of hail. No damage that I’ve found.

  7. February 11, 2009    

    Repaired the time issue. We’re perfectly good here. I haven’t looked at my car yet, but I’m about to. Could care less about it after seeing what happened to my neighbors.:)

    The images of the homes near us made me sick, too, Brooke–just sick. I feel terrible for these people. Lives turned upside down, family keepsakes gone. I hate this, just hate it.

    Carol, in the car for that hail storm? I’m so sorry! It was really loud on our huge window in the foyer–we thought that window was coming down.

  8. February 11, 2009    

    Whoa, my answer comment went to the top. Hope I haven’t messed this site up…

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