New Single-Great Writing Music and a Thanks

Break of Reality’s new single released today on Itunes!  You can listen to the entire song on their website here. Seriously, listen through.  It’s highly emotive, instrumental music and will inspire every creative bone in your body.  I get goosebumps about a minute in every time.  Yeah, already bought my copy of Spectrum of the Sky. 

I’ll be first in line for that entire CD and I wish it would hurry up. 

Also, check out their Myspace.  I still love the first CD I purchased–listen to it constantly.  In fact, when the words aren’t coming, I just slip in this music and it never fails to cause a reaction.  Circles and Parabolic Cosmos are worth every second.  I wrote a heavy, emotionally gripping scene to Circles–it has this build, this incredible build–and I really feel the emotion in the music helped it along.

Hope you like!

I also wanted to thank everyone who commented on my excerpt at The Deadline Dames website.  This was unpublished, unedited work, so it was a little scary. 😉

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  1. I’m going to have to check them out again. You got me hooked on that other group, Apocalyptica, that I ended up buying two of their CD’s. And had to blog about it.

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