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I did a little web exploring this morning and came across an online free version of one of my favorite books!  If it sounds familiar, I’ve written about the book on this blog  before. 

This isn’t some illegal copy on a download site (I get soooo angry with people who do this! Writers need to feed their kids, too!)  but an actual free version offered up by the publisher. There’s an entire library of free books.  If readers are anything like me, they’ll read the older, first offerings in a series and then go out and buy the rest, so this is a great idea. 

I met Catherine Asaro at an Oklahoma Writer’s Federation conference a few years ago.  She is absolutely lovely and I’m sure she found my efforts to keep the fangirl moment to a minimum amusing.  I’d just read Primary Inversion.  Twice.  (I’d give anything to have her scientific knowledge so I could do justice to all my science fiction story ideas. And I have several!) 

I still may do some reading, tap into this area in the future, but right now, I’m writing what I do know.  Old world mythologies.  I find human belief systems fascinating and have a blast twisting them up in stories.  But, until I decide to dig into more technical research, I can always revisit Primary Inversion. 

Clicking on the book cover takes you directly to the online version.  You can also download copies.  Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. I agree that this is a smart move. Fictionwise had the first book in the Demonica series for only $1. I bought it, and went back two days later to buy the next two at full price. Good for Larissa Ione, good for her publisher, and good for Fictionwise. A total win.

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