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I blogged at the The Deadline Dames today!  Shared a fairly long excerpt from Dweller on the Threshold, so I’m a little nervous.  Feel free to travel over there and show me some love. <G>

The last two days were filled with family things and though I did get writing done both days, I ended up having to ditch a whole chapter.  That. Is. So. Hard. 


It gets easier the more you grow comfortable with storytelling. 

I’m also fighting a bit of sadness. The Romantic Times convention is this week and a lot of my writer friends and six of the Dames–along with our agent–are there.  I’d love to be there even if I did have to drag my ass onto a plane. My critique partner, Rachel Vincent, is sending me text messages already.  I’m hoping they all send me some pictures to post here and at the Dames site.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I wish I could have gone, too. I’ve heard this conference is so much fun, plus I’d love to meet some writers I only know online. Maybe next year!

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