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Out of The Fog


So, I’ve been doing yet another draft on the book.  My critique partner went over a couple of chapters and felt I didn’t have the youthful voice down yet.  Once that clicked, I started over.  This book has now had three complete drafts.

Today, I polished the last three chapters–or what I thought were the last three.  Decided to rewrite the last chapter from scratch. Did that today, too.  I’m very, very tired right now. 

So, I have to polish that last chapter.  But I uploaded the other eighteen chapters to Rachel today.

I’ve worked on this story so much, I can no longer see it objectively.  I think it’s good.  Hope so.  Hope Rachel thinks so, too.  I’m so ready to have a second book out there circulating.   But as of right now… I’M SICK OF THIS STORY.  Need to set it aside for a little while.  Will do so while it’s being critiqued. Don’t worry. I’ll love it again.  I have this urge to read it all the way through after this last polish, but really, I’ll just find stuff and well, it’s better to wait on Rachel and let it sit.

So… what has been failing during my POLISH FOG?

Laundry. (Mom? Is anything clean?)

Clean bathrooms. (Took care of those this morning before the massive polish/rewrite phase. Was stunned. Book Fogless eyes see so much more.)

Job hunting. (Okay, been doing this at same time, but the process is so unbelievably frustrating.)

Fun. (Between working so hard and the job hunting, fun has been conspicuously absent.  Must remedy.)


  1. Maria Hooley Maria Hooley
    June 25, 2009    

    Oh, I can definitely relate to this. I’ve been proofing New Life, and I am sooo sick of it. I’ve read it, re-read it, and will re-read it again during the very last proof reading. And yes, my laundry is a mountain right now, too.

  2. June 26, 2009    

    creepy and gorgeous pic.

  3. Dawn Y Dawn Y
    July 1, 2009    

    Good afternoon, Dame Rinda! Happy to hear you got your draft finished and it’s off to critique. I pull for each and every one of you that I see you on the DD site. It is so nice that everyone offers their personal stories and pearls of wisdom. I really appreciate it.

    It’s hard for me to find time to write. I squeeze in about half an hour each day, sometimes more. Just enough to get me really fired up and writing as fast as I can, then I have to set it aside and go back to reality. Yesterday, I got so caught up in my writing that I started crying over a scene with my characters. Never done that before. I’ve read of other writers doing that, but never had that experience myself. Not certain what it means – good, bad, I’m just plain silly.

    Anyway, I’m going to go write for the other half of my lunchbreak. Hope you have a good weekend.

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