I had started to believe a similar sentiment over the last few months.  Truth is, we had so much going on, it was hard to focus.  The ideas were still coming, but putting them into a cohesive pattern turned into a chore.  The family is dealing with a bit much.

Most of it is personal–not things to share on a public website, but I will say we could use a lot of positive wishes.  (And okay yeah, I managed to write an entire book during.  I’m die hard, I tell you.)

But one thing I’ll share is my husband has wicked skills in remodeling.  We’ve gone back to expanding his remodeling business and this past week, I’ve been going into work with him.  We needed the together time and I’ve wanted to see how I’d do in the remodeling gig.  

So, I’ve been helping with the wallpaper removal, masking and painting of a 3100 square foot house.  He did all the hand texture.  And really well, I might add.

I have a new respect for what my husband does

He’s good.  I’m thinking of doing up a website for him and getting him more flip houses.  These are great because I can work on them, too and wow, does it get you into shape!  Okay, I’ll admit, I was on Advil yesterday.  My poor writer’s body is not used to climbing up and down a saw horse all day.  <g>

The work is physically challenging and it’s wonderful to see the finished product, but it also leaves the mind free to wander at times.  For example, while stripping wallpaper.  For the most part, not a fun job–but, I got some excellent plotting time in.  The hubby did get a little tired of me jumping out of my skin every time he walked up.  I do tend to focus. He started whistling from the next room before approaching me.

But he caught me jotting in a notebook, noticed the pathetic limping and talked me into staying home to write today.  I do have a deadline for a short story–one I’ll announce as soon as it’s accepted. 

In other writing news, the critiques are going well.  I’m hoping to have the first of my Norse YA trilogy off to my agent within a week.  I’ve got high hopes for this book.  And yes, I’ve still got a lot of hope for my Dweller.  It’s still out making the rounds.  The process takes a little longer than I expected. 😉

But, I love the world I created there and book two is sitting in my head. Complete.  Seriously.  The whole book is there and waiting for me to fill in the five or so chapters done on it.  Beri tends to stomp around and break things every once in a while.  She wants her time.

So, I do apologize for my lack of witty posts on my neglected blog. I do see you all still visiting in the blogstats–and I appreciate you hanging in there with me.  All this hard work will pay off and book sales will be announced here.  And you will all be here for it.  How fun will that be?????