New Family Member

I have kitten duties today.  Right now, the name is leaning toward Poe.  It’s so furry, we haven’t yet determined if it’s a boy or girl. It’s still too scared to invade its privacy that much. LOL! Poe works for several reasons. The male writer we like, the female singer we like… and it likes to hide and is ghosty white, except for the nose, ears, paws and tail. Poe is a flame point Himalayan Persian and so incredibly sweet!

new catcat

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  1. oh gosh! Poe looks just like my baby cat, Dixie, when she was a kitten. Solid white, flame point with bright blue eyes. Poe looks so precious. It’s a good thing she/he wasn’t at my doorstep. I’d adopt her in a minute and Todd would kill me. LOL That would be kitty number three. hee!

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