The Settling Place

I grew up with a father who had an overly large adventure gene.  (Or ADHD–I haven’t decided.)  But our family moved often.  I called these moves by a couple of names. 

The 18 Month Get Up and Go.

The Grass is Greener… Over There.


Of course, the grass was never greener.  Maybe at first, but life has a tendency to hand out problems and I think it sometimes picks on a handful, usually those who stay a little too naive a little too long.  (Speaking from big time experience here. 😉 )  While some people would thrive in a situation of new changes, new friends and new scenery, I didn’t.  (Sorry, Dad.)  No, I found it hard to move just as I was starting to fit in somewhere.  And it got harder with each consecutive move–took me longer to settle.  I turned to books for comfort and there were many years I missed everything going on around me as I lived life through the people in those pages.

As an adult, my husband and I started a similar pattern and I thought I’d picked up the habit, that I’d be pulling out boxes every couple of years for the rest of my life. 

But what I really longed for was that place.  You know the one.  The settling place.  The one home I could sink into and make my own.  I’m in it now.  Have been here five years and funny enough, I didn’t think this place was it at first.  It was missing a few things I wanted to settle down with permanently.  Took me a good two years to figure out my problem.  I was AFRAID to truly love my home.  Growing up, there were a few places we lived I truly loved and leaving them was hard.  It’s like leaving a part of yourself behind. 

But I let myself love my home and now I hope to stay and make upgrades to keep things fresh as the years pass.  I crave security like some discowomen crave designer labels. When I’m secure, there’s another part of me who truly thrives.

You see… psst, come here…**whispers**  I did inherit my father’s adventure gene. 

But mine exists in my muse.  And oh, is she adventurous and brave!  She wants to write about… well, everything.  She wants to explore new scenery, new careers, new romances.  She wants to travel and fight monsters and eat weird food.  She’s the coolest person I know.  (Thanks Dad.)

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