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It’s a new week full of new possibilities!

I’ve been going back and forth on what to write next.  My gut wants to write my second books in both series, my head is saying wait until we see if the first books find a home. So the head/gut war has kept me from settling on one project and I’ve been working on some short pieces and writing different scenes for the gut books.

And as you all know, my family has been dealing with the economy and I’ve been job hunting.  So, there’s been some stress there.

But I NEED to be writing. It’s what I do. It’s what I love.  Going back and forth on small things is not how I roll.  So, last week, I caved and began to work in earnest on one of those second books.  My Beri book has such a complete  structure in my head that moving on from the written chapters will go smoothly whenever I dive in.  Plus, that one has a full synopsis, outline and several chapters finished.

Book two in my young adult series is simmering strong, but I hadn’t really sat down and done a full scene by scene outline.  I wrote a synopsis for book one and a packet of projections for the entire trilogy–my agent went out with that packet.  But I probably need to get a more detailed synop together. So I dug into that one.  Hauled out all my research books and oh, the giddiness returned full force. 

I LOVE coming up with the full story. 

I LOVE this part of the process.

Threading the mythology throughout the story is so freaking fun. I did sketch out a few scenes in more detail than needed, but I also came up with a wonderful ending!  I will race through the writing of this book to get to that scene!  Actually, I have three or four full scenes that kick butt, so I’m really wanting to just dive into the writing of the book itself. I’m still going back and forth on the opening and knowing me, I’ll write three different versions, then um, go with that gut again. <g>

And in doing the research for this book, I realized I left out a slight explanation for two scenes in book one.  Luckily, I don’t think they’ll be enough to stop an editor who really loves the book, but I will be pointing out that easy fix when I do interest one.  (Positive thinking good.)

Oh!I could use a bit of help! 

I’m looking for suggestions. I need representations of my hero in book two. He needs to have blonde hair, but a hint of red would be even better.  (The reddish tinge is important for the mythology.) Wanna see the visuals I used of the characters in book one?  This is Vanir and Raven. 🙂

This is an important scene setting.


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  1. Love your photos. Good for you for starting on your next project. I’m gearing up to write again after taking the last week off (after nanowrimo).

  2. Malena, I probably shouldn’t admit, but I had a story board of photos for this book. Several pics of each character, several settings and since he’s friends with two! wolves, I had some gorgeous wolf photos. I’ve always visually inspired. I’ll probably do up a poster for this book as soon as I find the right hero.

    Glad Nano went well for you. 😉

  3. I like the dude he’s cute, is it bad that I also like the chick?! She’s also cute pixie-like, it’s hot! 😛 Visually inspired is good, I’ve always thought I’m actually cheating because every single story I’ve written since highschool was triggered by visuall stimulation of some sort or another (I need to add here that I’ve either shredded, deleted or burned virtually every single story I’ve written since then until now! My old teacher actually loved some of them so much she kept copies of them, I hate them all, I find them childish and amateurish (most of them had more than one drafts too) but now in retrospect I feel kinda sad I destroyed them! *sigh*)…. Anyhow, if one of my fav authors works by getting visually inspired then all’s good. 🙂

  4. Of course there’s nothing wrong with liking them both. 😉

    I find stories are stimulated by vision and hearing. Music inspires as much as images. Too bad you did burn them, but just think of them as learning experiences for all the better writing you’ll do now.

    I have six or seven novels stashed somewhere that will stay my learning experiences.

  5. I know I should start curbing my impulses, I was at a point where I was experiencing writer’s block and just seeing them got me all riled up because well they were kinda bad well to me at least, even though there was improvement from one story to the other I now see I overreacted because I WAS a kid therefore I should not have expected more of myself at that stage! anyway I hope my muse/creativity sparks right back up again soon because for the past two years or so I find I’m a bit bored in that respect and can’t seem to get anything brewing in my brain for more than 60 seconds then it dies not a slow but an instantaneous final death! *sigh* I don’t know maybe I’m just bored or at a stalemate or something… And I read books by you guys like Rachel Vincent and Richelle Mead etc and I’m thinking, why do you even bother you’ll never ever be as good as them, their books are amazing!…

  6. Well, my books aren’t out yet, but hopefully soon. And don’t sell yourself short. Some of us take a little longer to click. I did. Like I said, six or seven COMPLETES before I found my voice. You will too. And hopefully, it won’t take you as long as it did me.

  7. Well from your blog I’ve already ascertained that you’re going to become one of my favourite authors for sure! There something about you I don’t know I think I’m going to like you writing style! 😛 hehe I’m weird like that, most of the time I’ll decide I like the writer before I’ve read their books and most of the time I’m pretty much spot on, that’s what happened when I first came accross Rachel and Richelle and Jo Leigh from Harlequin… I though ooh I’m really gonna like this writer… Hmm I wonder is that too odd? lol

  8. You’re welcome! *blush* So when should we expect your books to come out?! I’ve been obsessively checking every physical book store and online bookstore I could find, including the Deadline Dames to see but still no dates posted etc unless I missed something?! o.O

  9. You won’t have to check. It’ll be all over this website. I’ll be too excited to shut up about it.

    I’m the only Dame without a deal at this point, but my agent is circulating two books for me. An adult urban fantasy and a young adult paranormal romance.

  10. Oh good that means I’m not going to miss it then. Oooh I just realised think of all the lovely books we’ve missed out on reading because some person out there didn’t think they were good enough to be published! o.O That’s sad! 🙁 And it’s kinda scary and unfair that it all hangs in the hands and opinions of certain individuals…

  11. It’s just the way it is. I do wish it worked a little faster, but there are a lot of good writers out there hoping for space, so I’m sure getting to us all takes some time.

  12. Yeah you’re right I can’t imagine what you’re feeling waiting around sort of stuck there until they decide to give your books a shot! It must be nerve-wracking the least.. That just might be one of the worst parts to being an author. lol The waiting around stressing whether someone will like it enough to publish it first and then waiting around to see if people like it enough to buy it and read it. ::)

  13. I’ll survive. No worries. The trick is to write on a new project and try not to think about it. I say try because it’s pretty much impossible.

  14. Oh dear well good luck, try and distract yourself as much as possible! It’ll be over fairly soon hopefully. 🙂

  15. Taylor Kitsch is pretty hawt! Love his hair. For some odd reason. If you’re working on a series, I’ve always thought you’d write the whole series, no matter what. You mentioned waiting to see if the first one sells, but I would keep writing anyway. Even if there’s a very small possibility that they don’t—eensy-teensy–you can always do something else with them (freebie on the site, maybe?).

  16. Yes, very HAWT.

    I did write the second in a series that didn’t sell. I just don’t want to do that again. Spend months on something that might not have the umph to carry on for more than one book.

    Since I want to do this for a living, I don’t want to spend time working on books that have no chance, so if the trilogy doesn’t resonate with a publisher, I’d spend a lot of time on something that won’t help me.

    Problem is, I have two out now. I don’t want to start another serieis though I have the ideas for two more.

    So, I’m writing the second book for now. I really love the characters and want to spend the time with them. It is a hard choice–I look at my writing as a business, so I want to do what’s best in that respect.

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