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Pretty Snow

January 30, 2010 RindaElliott 0

Oklahoma got SNOWED. Here are a couple of pics from yesterday. It was still snowing hard when I took them, so they look dark, but pretty, […]

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Tense? Me?

January 21, 2010 RindaElliott 0

The party at the Deadline Dames is such a blast!  Our comment boxes are overflowing with excitement. It’s catching!  I haven’t decided what my exclusive […]

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Come Celebrate!

January 18, 2010 RindaElliott 0

The Deadline Dames actually got together in the summer of 2008.  The nine of us started an email loop and began chatting to get to […]

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Diving In

January 11, 2010 RindaElliott 0

First up, lots going on here at Casa Elliott.  I will be posting at the Deadline Dames this Wednesday.  The rest of the week, I’ll […]

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My 1st Teen Reader

January 3, 2010 RindaElliott 0

So, I have these friends with a fifteen year-old daughter. I’ve known this girl since she first showed up looking for her older sister at […]