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A few weeks ago, I posted pics of my characters in my young adult trilogy and I really posted the wrong pic of my heroine, Raven.  Truth is, I never could find an image that quite fit the one I had of her in my mind and the one I posted never really worked for me.  I had one image that was her completely and since it’s not mine to use, I’m going to link. 

http://superiorgraphics.deviantart.com/art/Abandoned-108704845  (Click to bring up big!)

I love this! Plan to buy the print at some point and frame it because when I saw this image, I knew my Raven.  And I wrote this scene into the book-only she wasn’t completely alone.

In searching for images for book two, I came across both characters and they fit so perfectly.  And since the sisters in all three books are identical triplets, I now have the right images.  And best of all, since they have VERY different temperaments and this model has different poses with different expressions, I now have images that work for each triplet.  And I found all of them at a stock site, so I’m buying for the website I’ll hopefully be building soon.

Too cool.

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