Come Celebrate!

The Deadline Dames actually got together in the summer of 2008.  The nine of us started an email loop and began chatting to get to know each other and to figure out what we wanted to do with our website.  We wanted a place for readers and writers to hang out, wanted to help each other with cross promotion, wanted a really cool place on the Net to share our news.  We planned to share what it’s like to work on deadline with the Readers on Deadline and we started the Dame for a Day to celebrate and promote great writers in our genres! (We have some fantastic Dames coming up!)

We ended up getting so much more out of it.  These writers are my friends now.  They are unbelievably savvy and best yet, they share this incredible drive I have to succeed in this business.  They don’t think I’m crazy at all for jumping on the net at two in the morning because I’m up polishing a scene. <g>

We actually launched the site on January 19, 2008, so we’re taking the next two weeks to celebrate our anniversary!  There will be awesome prizes. Seriously awesome, so check in daily!  Follow the Dame as always!

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  1. Hi Rinda!
    I’m a new fan of yours and I am having trouble finding an email for you. Is there one available for book bloggers like me to send inquiries to? And I have to say how exciting your posts on your YA trilogy ‘s 1st book have been!


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