Diving In

First up, lots going on here at Casa Elliott.  I will be posting at the Deadline Dames this Wednesday.  The rest of the week, I’ll be slamming through my manuscript.  I’ve been working to get a full outline together but the story feels like it’s going to ‘splode through my head if I don’t get it out. 

I’ll have to scramble to write up my incredibly-detailed-notes-that-don’t-resemble-an-outline-at-all if I end up needing a better outline, but for now, I’m just going off the notes.  Someday, when I’m brave enough, I’ll share the first part of my writing process. It’s a jumble of scene ideas, research, dialogue, settings and images.  It’s many, many pages by the time I jump into the book and it steadily grows larger as I go. 

So, I’ll be checking in with updates on my progress. Turning in my word counts.  In the meantime, check out this delightful post from fellow Deadline Dame, Devon Monk.  I got one of those shiny, plot bunnies for Christmas and I LOVE HIM!


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