So, I have these friends with a fifteen year-old daughter. I’ve known this girl since she first showed up looking for her older sister at my front door twelve years ago.  She was this adorable smiling, little thing with big, blonde curls. 

When I decided to try my hand at writing young adult, I had no idea how much I’d love it. At first I thought it would be too hard to go from my er, more mouthy adult heroines, to write for a younger crowd.  But I’m around a LOT of teenagers and I ended up loving it. 

I already have another series percolating for when I’m through with this one.

But I promised this particular teen she could be my first reader and she’s waited a long time-which translates into eternity in 15-year-old speak.  I wanted her to read it once it went through any possible editorial changes, but she gets soooo excited about my stories.  She also borrows all my young adult books and then goes out to buy her own copies with babysitting money. She’s a huge fan of Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and of course, Stephenie Meyer. (She’s also now a fan of Karen Mahoney and can’t wait for a Moth book! 😉  )

So, she was over last night, looking at my working storyboard with all the images I use for inspiration.  She fell in love with the image of Taran, the hero in YA#2 in the trilogy.  She asked questions, wanted to know about the wolves in the books, wanted to know more about the triplets…and the heroes. 

She tried to walk off with one of the images of Taran.

She was so enthusiastic, she just begged me to let her read the first chapter of the first book. So, while her parents, the hubs and I were watching a movie, she sat at my laptop to read.

And she read and read. Since the other teens were on laptops at the same kitchen table, I figured she started playing Inklink with them, but no, she read through to chapter six or seven! But the best part?

She. Loved. It.  REALLY LOVED IT.  We had to drag her away from the computer and she didn’t want to stop reading. She loved Raven and Vanir and she couldn’t stand not knowing what was going to happen next. She loved Vanir’s brothers and wanted to know if I planned to write more stories with them. I got a big hug and a big, pretty smile…and more begging for more.

I’m not sure there’s better validation out there. 🙂