New Ideas and Mixing Myth W/Modern

I’ve already started sketching plans for the series I plan to write after this one. It’s a dark, dystopian setting with some kick-ass teens. As always, the characters come to me (from where I don’t know-but it’s cool) and I grow so intrigued, I want to learn their story as soon as possible. The idea is all shiny and new and I love the warm anticipation crawling through my gut. This heroine is strong-reminds me a bit of my Beri–but younger and working on a high survival instinct.

I’m still enjoying the anticipation of the current trilogy I’m in, so this one gets set to the side. I’ll do research in free time, let the story simmer in my head.  I find a lot of comfort in knowing I already have something to move into after my current project is finished.

And I am LOVING this project.

It feels so alive and from some of the email I’m getting, it’s touching a few readers out there.  This. Is. So. Awesome.  I am toying with the idea of posting one more excerpt at the Dames for my big giveaway day next week.  Or, I might share something entirely new. Gotta decide soon. I will tell you that since I don’t have books to give away yet, I’ll be gifting someone with some beautiful fantasy art. 🙂

Oh, another thing I’ve been doing in my spare (ha ha) time is planning a kind of glossary for the website. There are Norse references peppered into my work and I think teens would love having a one stop place to look things up, see how they fit into this modern world I’ve created–a modern world with a touch of a very, very old one.  As one teen recently told me, this old world myth stuff is really cool. Who knew? 


Don’t forget to visit the Dames every day this week and next. Lots of cool prizes and exclusive excerpts! It’s a party there and you are all welcome!

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