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Sharing Love for Books w/My Daughter

Still here, still plugging away on new book. Part of my mind is on my Norse trilogy and how it’s doing out there in Submission World.  I want this trilogy to find a loving home so much, I alternate moods like you wouldn’t believe. One day anticipation burns in my gut and the next worry…this is usually followed by some serious reading. What is the best thing books offer? Escape. 😉

But part of my mind is also on things I need to get ready for my daughter’s high school graduation.  I can’t believe she’s graduating!  I can’t believe I have an 18 year-old daughter!  But I will say, she’s one of the best things in my life.  Not only is she wonderful-and I say this without prejudice, of course ;)–but she LOVES to read.

Books we’ve been wrestling over lately? Okay, we physically wrestled over Cracked Up To Be because we both went crazy over Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers. We both loved Perfect Chemistry and I’m about to start Beautiful Creatures. I’ve managed to keep that one away from her so far…

(Click on the books to go to Barnes and Noble for blurbs and reviews.)

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