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My 1st Teen Reader Finished

I’ve been bringing my laptop to dinners we have with friends so their 15 year-old daughter can read Foretold.  I’d promised her–while I was still writing the book–that she’d be my first teen reader. So, whenever we’re supposed to show up, I get messages reminding me not to forget. Watching her get absorbed in my story has been very heart-warming for me. I love hearing her responses to different scenes.

Friday night she finished. She jumped up with a huge grin and said she really loved it so much! She was full of questions about when it will be on shelves, when the second book will be ready. She even asked if she could write letters to editors.

Pretty sweet, that. 😉

Witnessing this sort of reaction was exactly what I needed. It set the tone for the entire weekend which was full of one child’s birthday, a sleepover and a dinner with family to celebrate both my son and my mother’s birthday. We ate terrific food and watched Eddie Izzard’s Dressed to kill and it was all around a fantastic weekend. Hope  you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend, too.

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