Still Not Completely Satisfied

I need to bite the bullet and have a WordPress blog designed. Which means, I’ll have to FINALLY do something about the domain I’ve been paying for… which I bought before I signed with my agent.  <g>

Pictures without glare only come from those without flash and all of those pics came out grainy and kind of sad.  Not good.

I may be an okay writer, but I’m a lousy photographer. Might as well accept that as truth. <g>

So, this theme will stay up for a little while. I’m wanting something that has the feel of several of my favorite artists on Deviant Art, has some kind of Norse flare. I want dark, but lively and exciting.  (I don’t want much do I?)  I have images of the Lockwood triplets from my YA and I have a kick ass image of Beri from Dweller…  Oh, I did before the computer crash!!  Now, I’m off to find…

Have a great weekend! Stay tuned because I’m putting together a post on new releases coming up. Hopefully for Sunday. Several Dames have exciting releases in the next couple of weeks, including my critique partner, Rachel Vincent’s My Soul to Keep, Keri Arthur’s newest Riley novel, Moon Sworn, and Glimmerglass by Jenna Black!!!

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  1. FWIW, I love the recent redesign of this blog, and I didn’t even realize the heading picture was glare-y until you mentioned it!

    I too am a terrible photographer 🙁

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