Just Gotta Stretch My Arm…

Yes, I gave you screaming girl in the last post. Sorry ’bout that. There are days when being on submission makes you feel a little like that and then there are days it feels more like the picture above. Like you have this glowing dream almost within reach.

Honestly, I’m still pretty excited about a couple of possibilities but working to not get my hopes up is a bit of a chore at times.  So, I’m focusing on other things. Now that the kiddo is back in school, I’m turning to the WIP. My critique partner read over the proposal for Unnatural Selection  and compared it to Minority Report and Robin Hood–which is TOTALLY cool in my book.

Don’t forget, the Deadline Dames are sharing stories about their paths to publication. These are great articles that show not everyone travels the same road. Because I’ve shared most of my path here, I’ll probably go ahead and put up the ROD. We had some excellent entries this last time, so the Dames are having a time picking the winner. Good times. 😉

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  1. Totally know how you feel about being on sub. My book’s finally started getting a couple of responses from editors (note the lack of leaping for joy, lol) and the hope vs. despair seesaw is jerking me around. This, I fear, was not the time to start on my diet and minimize the chocolate consumption!

  2. Oh boy. I’m am going to say welcome to the seesaw. All it takes is one interested editor and sometimes finding the right fit takes time. It’s hard and frustrating, but I believe the payoff will be sweet. 🙂

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