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Staying Busy

I’m overdue on my own deadline. This isn’t a usual thing, but I do have my reasons. My heart is beating in rhythm with a silent mantra this week. Will be sharing the why on this at a later date if something turns out. I know, I’m a tease! 🙂

Spent a lot of yesterday working with my critique partner, Rachel Vincent. If you haven’t checked out her young adult series, do! Here’s a link to her Soul Screamers page on her website. http://rachelvincent.com/soulscreamers.htm

She’s built such a cool world. I critiqued a short story for her yesterday and we ended up on the phone hashing things out. Our working relationship is such a good one. We started working together before we became friends and I think this made a huge impact on the business side of things. We’re honest and we really believe in each other’s work, so we always push each other for our best. 

Speaking of which, I need to get back to the proposal she critiqued for me. I had a few illogical plot points in Unnatural Selection–things I should have seen myself and eventually would have, but sometimes, we’re just too close to our own work. The best thing about Rachel’s critiquing is she catches these things before they go out to my agent. <g>

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