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An Agent’s Enthusiasm is a Good Thing

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I’ve been talking projects with my literary agent, Miriam Kriss. I do have several ideas in the works and her enthusiasm for my work gave me a much needed boost this week. It’s so easy to get discouraged while on submission.  Even if you move on to write something else, a part of you is CONSTANTLY aware that your work is with editors. That hope for your story to find an enthusiastic editor stays as a knot in your chest. You learn to work, to breathe, around it.  That knot eased up a bit with our phone call this week. It’s great knowing Miriam carries such enthusiasm for my books. 

I’ve been working on two YA projects and one adult UF idea. I might steer the UF toward paranormal romance–haven’t truly decided. It will depend on the characters. The heroine’s character seems to be dictating the story.  She needs to keep herself away from people. Believe me, she has reasons. Big ones. But the hero has other ideas.

I’ve also been reading my critique partner, Rachel Vincent’s, young adult novel If I Die. (Let me just say, WOW. It’s good.) Her deadline is um, today, and we’re still working. She has a lot of deadlines and we inevitably end up arguing plot points up until the last minute. You should have heard us yesterday!  But these phone calls get us both so fired up to write. I love them! 

In other news, check out this great interview with my good friend, Karen Mahoney! I can’t wait to see The Iron Witch on the shelves. I’ve read it and enjoyed it so much. The cover is simply stunning, isn’t it?


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  1. October 2, 2010    

    You are such an angel – thanks for linking! 🙂

    Also, I’m really excited for you to read the New!Improved! TIW. It’s still the same book, of course, just… better. Heh.


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