Remember The Snark?

I didn’t get a lot of comments yesterday, but I did hear privately from a few people and you rock. No worries, I will pull through the disappointment and I am LOVING the writing process again, so it’s all good. 😉

Now, I don’t often bring up the Write Snark store. For years, this blog was called The Write Snark to go along with a bigger, more object and design heavy store I used to maintain. The blog name changed because I’m just not that snarky. The store closed because they changed how things were done at Cafepress and I was paying WAY more a year for the store than it earned. 

But some people loved the designs, so I set up a free store with a few favorites I’ll share here today. It’s not a money-maker, it’s more for fun, so if you have the need for a fun gift for a writer friend, check it out. Why today? All T-shirts are 40 % off if you use the code SANTA today. That’s a pretty good deal.  The Store is here.

These shirts come in different colors. The designs are on coffee mugs, aprons, etc. (Ignore the keepsake box and some of the clock designs. I need to go in and adjust the graphics. If you see a graphic you must have on one of these, email me at and I will go in and fix it for ya!) But here are some of the old best sellers.

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