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Un-NaNo— Who Cares? I’m Dancing!

I absolutely love what I’m doing with this book.

Incorporated an exciting element yesterday, so I wrote a lot but it was mostly flesh out in early scenes. Also did a bunch of research and this will add to the life or death scenes in a way I can’t wait to dive into. (Ignore that grammar, will ya?)

Now I have such a good feel for my setting and characters, I have to stop and go back and do some fun work. (Yes, I’m one of the freak writers who loves the rewrite part!) Truth is, I have a bit of a jumbled mass of scenes and I’m dying to dig into them and once I do, I’ll know exactly where to take the end of this book. ( I know the end, but I haven’t totally figured out every player in it.) Plus, I have so much written work to type in, it’s possible I passed my goal.

So, I haven’t even looked at my word count because um… I don’t care. Really. At this point, it’s about the story and I’m liking it so that’s all that counts. My Un-NaNo with the support of my CP got things going when I was–okay, okay, I’ll admit it! Wallowing about my Norse books out on submission. <g>  

So, yesterday, in addition to writing, I danced! (Had funny baby dancing video but it had some weird issue. 🙁  )

Guess I’ll share what I danced to instead. Was in a funky sort of electronic mode. Rob Dougan, Crystal Method, and The Prodigy


Check out Rachel Vincent’s progress here!

Also, today is my day to post at The Deadline Dames. I’ve written three pieces and scrapped them all, so who knows what will end up there. Hopefully, fewer parentheses. 🙂


  1. December 1, 2010    

    I can just see you dancing to that.

  2. December 1, 2010    

    Funny image, isn’t it? 😉

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