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Rejection Funny

February 26, 2011 RindaElliott 0

I saw this on Renee Sweet’s blog and just loved it, so I’m sharing here. Thanks Renee! [youtube=””]

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Under the Weather

February 22, 2011 RindaElliott 0

Think I’ve just experienced my first bout of food poisoning. Yesterday, I felt so bad, a migraine level headache joined the party. I still put […]

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Back and Forth

February 16, 2011 RindaElliott 0

Sometimes, in this business, it feels like you take one step forward then jog a mile back. In addition to dealing with the computer issues, I’ve […]

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Windows Sucks

February 15, 2011 RindaElliott 0

So sorry for the lack of posts. I’m  having severe computer issues. My desktop has been down a little while and the laptop has been […]

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Stopped Motion

February 8, 2011 RindaElliott 0

I’m so focused on the writing, things around me are a bit behind again. I’m not panicking over US, but I am sweating it a […]