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Stopped Motion

I’m so focused on the writing, things around me are a bit behind again. I’m not panicking over US, but I am sweating it a bit. Either this book will turn out to be one of my best from all this hard work, or um… we won’t go the other direction, kay? 😉

My beta reader loved my novella and there is nothing like writing something and having a reader love it. Nothing.

I did focus on other things long enough to get ready for more snow. Have lots of firewood and food. Oh, and I couldn’t work much over the weekend, but the family and friends time was so worth it. Attended a fantastic 50th wedding anniversary party and a fun Superbowl gathering.  

But for the most part, this is me.

I’m focused and the world around me just keeps moving.

Today’s goal is to flesh out one of the novella scenes my beta reader pointed out and to work on critiques of US as they come in.

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