Just Writing

I’m working on several projects at once. Not the best idea but I have some side writing things that have to be finished and the rewrites of Unnatural Selection are taking such a cool shape in my head, I’m constantly torn about working on them. So, I’m putting in long hours to get side stuff out of the way so I can focus fully on US.

After that, I’m jumping into Forecast–book two in my Norse YA trilogy. I miss the characters something fierce. 🙂

So still here, just posting sporadically. (Today, brought to you by the word, JUST. <g>)

Make sure to check out the Deadline Dames Reader’s on Deadline I posted last Thursday. An ARC of Jackie Morse Kessler’s Rage is going to the winner and the picture is so cool, I’m considering writing for it this month.

Oh! The Dames have a Facebook page now. Come “like” us if you want. http://www.facebook.com/DeadlineDames

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