Meh–But Recipes!

I am one of those people who doesn’t adjust well to Daylight Saving Time. In fact, it throws me off so much, I’m stumbling around a couple of hours daily for about a week. Last night, I was up until three and then I went back to bed after my husband and son left this morning. This normally makes me feel hideously guilty. It’s spring break and my son went to work with his father and they’re out there in the “sudden freakish cold after several hot days” working while I’m snoozing all warm in bed.

I can’t help but wonder if the sleeplessness is partly inspired by the incredible frustration I’ve felt lately. I recently received messages from readers asking about FORETOLD and honestly, I feel bad for teasing with excerpts. But when I put the excerpts up, circumstances had led me to believe things would be very different about now. They still could be different…I’m sort of on hold. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of hold with the bad music to let you know they know you’re still there. It’s sooo quiet.

So, I’m filling that quiet with more writing–lots of it. I’m writing and finishing shorter pieces, exploring new styles and genres and having fun. I’m also cooking. A LOT. Cooking is my comfort and because it makes my husband and son so happy, there’s an added reward to it.

This weekend, I tried several new recipes, including a Peaches and Cream Tort which the guys went nuts over. They were also huge fans of Anne’s Potato Pancakes. My son had a friend over who ate six or seven of these babies. I thought the cakes wouldn’t have enough spice with mostly rosemary, but they were perfect. And they’d work for my vegetarian readers, like Heather. 😉

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy!

Oh, found the Peaches and Cream Torte online, too.

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  1. Heather, I made the potato cakes a little smaller than the recipe called for and they were really crisp on the outside and so yummy on the inside. I think I’ll use a little less salt next time, but the rosemary really made these good!

  2. No. I wish I’d thought of sour cream–that would have been good. They were good all by themselves. (Probably cuz all of that salt. )

    Seriously, kids went nuts for them. Hubby ate quite a few and then warned the teen boys off the last two. But I also served up their favorite dish. Ever.

    It’s the number one requested dish at all family gatherings. I use veggie bacon when my sister is coming. 🙂

  3. Forgot to add. I’ve been making the broccoli one for years. It’s much better if you make it earlier and let it sit in the fridge. Don’t know why they say right away. I LOVE to make it when I grow fresh tomatoes in summer. Grape tomatoes work well, too.

  4. Crap, one more thing. I chopped the potatoes and onions in my Ninja. Not too small, but smaller than grating. Plus…I was lazy. Had cooked all the other stuff, including torte.

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