Threads of Hope

Occasionally, we hit a place where we’re forced to take a break. As you can tell by this blog, I’ve sort of been in that place. Popping my head in to say I’m still alive isn’t the best way to keep a website fresh and interesting. My problem is I haven’t felt fresh or interesting. How about a little honesty?

I was so excited a few years ago to sign with my agent. I had a couple of agents interested and a couple more had made full requests off partials and it felt like this career I’ve chased my entire life was finally going to move.

But it didn’t.

It is truly tough. The waiting. I’m told 2008 was the worst year for publishing and that’s when I went out with my UF series. I’ve taken more pieces out and there are still places considering my work, but the wait finally got to me this year. Thing is, my family went through and is still struggling through a financial storm we didn’t create. So, I moved on to write in a genre I hoped would work to help my family and discovered I truly enjoyed writing the sexier stuff. So, I’ll be sticking with that genre. If you happened to miss the announcements on Twitter and at The Deadline Dames, I have a pen name and am writing erotic romances and um, having a blast with them. I wrote a few shorter pieces to get things going and am now working on a series of longer books. I have a great agent who loves my writing and continues to support me and now I have great editor who also really seems to love my writing. Let me just say, that after all this time waiting, this is so, so nice.

So, I’ve been pulling out of my funk. I still hope to sell my urban fantasy and young adult work. No matter what I do, those threads of hope remain strong. 🙂

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  1. Actually, I’ve always thought you had the talent to write damn near anything. So, if it’s fun, enjoy it. I’m still hoping that you get to publish the stuff that doesn’t require a pen name.

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