I’m sorry for neglecting this site. I blog at The Deadline Dames and have more going on in pen name land still. I will have news about a book sale under my own name, but I’m still waiting on the finals before announcing. I could possibly go nuts waiting.

Just kidding.


There are a couple of options still in the works on my young adult novels, but I’m at a point where I may decide to self publish those. I do love the books and though I had six publishers show interest, none seem ready to take a step. Mainly due to the Norse subject matter.  A couple of popular authors are releasing a middle grade with Norse subject matter next year and I would so love to have this YA out then, too.

So, I’ve been a little discouraged.

I may decide to just build a regular website for my Rinda work, but if things pick up, this blog will be a happening place again. For the record, LIMBO CAN BE A PLACE OF HELL. 😉

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