Dweller on the Threshold SOLD!!!

For those who have been waiting, I have news!

Dweller on the Threshold and Blood of an Ancient (Book 2) have officially sold to Samhain Publishing! These are full length dark, urban fantasy novels with a heavy romance kick! They will come out as ebooks first, then print later!

I am so excited about this I’ve been ready to burst into song for months. Dweller on the Threshold is the very novel that grabbed the interest of my agent, so this is such big, big news for me. It’s the first in a series about Beri O’Dell. Here’s a bit about it.

Beri O’Dell is working on the side investigating paranormal creatures because she wants to know what she is.  She’s taller and stronger than most men, she astral projects with an annoyingly real instead of metaphysical cord, and she can peel through dimensional layers to see the creatures and spirits beyond.

She once helped her foster sister, Detective Elsa Remington, track down killers in Jacksonville, Florida, but stopped when a nasty fire elemental turned her strength against her. Now, she finds herself pulled back when something steals Elsa’s soul and puts her into a coma. This thing has put a lot of people into comas and beings called Dweller Demons are coming through the bodies. With little time to spare, Beri battles Dweller Demons while searching for the reason behind her sister’s coma. She has help in her spirit guides Fred and Phro, but others come along for the ride, including a pyro-nervous witch, and an androgynous necromancer. With all this on her hands, the last thing Beri needs is to fall in love with a centuries-old Minoan warrior—one who has something scary wrong with him. But unfortunately, Nikolos knows what creature she’s after because he battled it before on what is now known as Crete. It’s bad. Really, really bad.

He calls it the Dweller on the Threshold.


There is a big excerpt at The Deadline Dames. Here !

0 thoughts on “Dweller on the Threshold SOLD!!!”

  1. Fantastic news Rinda – I am soooo happy for you. I’ve been waiting and watching for a long time to hear this news. Congratulations!!!!! Elaine

  2. Fine thanks Rinda – been busy with my art. No writing, sad to say. My creative bent has bent in another direction 🙂 But this is so exciting for you! Keep us posted on all your successes please – I’m sure there will be more!

  3. Hope so. I do have some other books under consideration, too. It’s so nice to hear from you and I’m glad to hear you’re still doing art. 🙂

  4. I’ve been following you in Google reader for ages, and have finally moved my blog to WordPress so can follow you through that now 🙂
    I went to college last year and did a certificate course in visual arts to add to my techniques, which was a lot of fun – hard to do full time and look after my daughter, but well worth it.

  5. Very big congrats! I’m soooooo excited for you and even more excited to read the books!

  6. It is. That one has been a bit of a heartbreaker, to tell you the truth. Took in a TON of interest and has been incredibly close to selling several times. But yes, it is still under consideration at a few places. I really want to finish and sell this trilogy still, so I hang in there.

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