One, Two, Three, Three Read-Throughs Ah ha ha!

img000092(Me during another cold.)

No. Not three. More. So many more.

So, one perk of working at home–woke up with a cold today, so I can stay in pjs and work on my laptop. The downside is I can’t curl up and sleep off the cold because I have too much work. Not that I’m complaining. I LOVE THAT I FINALLY HAVE ALL THIS WORK.

(BTW, the big downside of working at home is you always feel like you should be working. But that’s another post. LOL.)

Anyway, I have to read through one of my books all the way through today. Again. So…how many times does an author do this? Let’s see. After the many times we’ve read it while writing (this can be a LOT) and it’s off to editor:

1: First revisions.
2: Second revisions.
3. Final check.
4: Line edits.
5. Galley check.

And because I’m digital first and print second,
6: Last check for errors before print.

So, at least six full read-throughs after all the work you first put into its creation. Not all authors go through a second round of revisions, but my Samhain editor is thorough and she fact checks with me. For instance, I wanted this pretty setting color in one of my books and tried to pass off a mild winter to explain it and we’ve both now researched and realized I can’t get away with it. (Unless any of you live in southern Louisiana and can send me a message to say otherwise. It’s about kudzu. In January. <G>)

What’s really fun is the different emotions you can go through with each read.
You’re not so sure about this book…
Wait, this book isn’t that bad…
Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a FRAUD…
You know, I kind of like this book.

However, no matter what, I can guarantee that every author gets sick of reading their own book at some point.

Don’t forget, you can comment to win an early copy of Blood of an Ancient here. I’m hoping the low number of comments is because so many already pre-ordered the book. heh

I’m picking a winner tomorrow or maybe Friday. 😉

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